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TextSpeech Pro Elements for Mac OS X

TextSpeech Pro Elements is a professional text to speech software that converts web pages, and documents (incl
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11 June 2011

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If you, for some reason, have been in search for a text-to-speech program, may be you have already noticed how most of these products usually feature crappy voices, which hardly become of any use to anyone. And those which provide you some quality, are usually priced at painfully high prices. However, there are exceptions as well - TextSpeech Pro Elements for Mac OS X 3.5.6 being a prime example in that trend. Owing to its extensive set of features, the software has been already managed make a good name of itself in the market.

It is the most powerful and sophisticated tool developed in the market which is easy to use and has been built with high quality voice. It provides users with ample benefits such as - one can synthesize text to speech by extracting text from file of format Microsoft Word, PDF, etc by using different kind of voices and languages, one can create and modify the bookmarks, conversations in the present document by using the advanced style speech editor, modify speech properties like (voice style, adjust volume, pitch, highlight certain words). One can also extract text from the present scanned document and convert it into audio files. By using the universal correction system one can create custom pronunciation, one can pause, resume or stop the speech anytime, also provide user with many text processing features in fully featured document, it can mark copied text and convert it automatically to speech, one can also have access to document opened in past from its feature of high capacity document history.

To conclude, TextSpeech Pro Elements for Mac OS X 3.5.6 is fully configured, equipped and multi-tabbed designed interface in which user can work easily without any extra effort. Therefore, deserves scoring of not less than four on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Welcome to TextSpeech Pro, the most powerful, easy to use text-to-speech software on the market.
Utilizing text-to-speech voices of exceptional quality, with TextSpeech Pro you can:
* Synthesize text-to-speech from any document format (text, Microsoft Word, PDF, Microsoft Excel, RTF, etc) using a variety of voices and languages;
* Read web pages using integrated text-to-speech tools;
* Export the synthesized speech from documents to a variety of audio file formats in three modes (quick, normal and batch);
* Create and modify conversations, bookmarks and pauses (silence breaks) in a document using an advanced text-to-speech editor;
* Modify speech properties (voice, speed, volume, pitch, word highlighting) and speech entities (bookmarks, conversations, pauses) on the fly;
* Extract text from scanned documents and convert it to speech or audio files;
* Create custom pronunciations using a universal correction system;
* Save the created documents with all specified voice settings and entities (voice type, pitch, speed, volume, bookmarks, conversations, pauses, word highlighting) for future use;
* Pause, resume or stop the speaking voice;
* Tune the speech output using standard XML tags;
* Use a fully featured document editor with many text processing features (text manipulation, spell checker, print and print preview, find and replace, go to line..., customizable fonts, zoom capabilities, and document properties view);
* Mark copied text to be automatically transferred and converted to speech;
* Access previously used documents from a high-capacity document history;
* Utilize a rich and fully configurable user interface (UI) equipped with customizable window docks, toolbars, a multi-tabbed document interface and a layout-saving framework;
TextSpeech Pro Elements for Mac OS X
TextSpeech Pro Elements for Mac OS X
Version 3.5.6
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